We spend much time masturbating about new instruments, amps and effects. If you're one of us, we hope you will appreciate our most frequent live setup!


Don't miss also our personal collections of instruments; you can find the dedicated sections in the left column! 


From left: Peerless Gigmaster Custom - Self Customed 330 Style - Fender Blues Deville 4 x 10 - Self Customed Sg "Psychedelic" - Indian Sitar.


From left: Self Customed Precision - Ashdown Mag 300 with Behringer Rack Tuner and Hartke VX 4 x 10 cabinet - Self Customed Jazz - Rake.


From top left: Clavia Nord Electro 3 - Moog Little Phatty - Clavia Nord C2


Ludwig SL Standard Red Cortex - Gretsch Catalina Maple
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