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(2011, Self Assembled)


Woods: Ash Body - Vintage Maple Neck

Hardware: Ceramic Pickups, 2 Screws Bridge, Locking Tuners

Simply The Stratocaster, with some "Sporting" upgrades. In case of doubt, it's always like being at home. 


(2007, Self Customized)


Woods: Alder Body - Mighty Mite Maple Neck 

Hardware: Ceramic Neck Pickup, Alnico V Bridge Pickup, Vintage Tuners, Carbon Fiber pickguard


Aw, my very first electric guitar! Now she's in her perfect equilibrium, but she's been the most customized guitars of mine. Lots of pickups and hardware mods during these years.

Telecaster Custom

(2012, Self Assembled)

Woods: Alder Body, Maple Neck

Hardware: Wilkinson Split-Coil Neck Pickup, Ceramic Bridge Pickup


First she was just a Squier Affinity Telecaster, and then a '72 Custom copy with a more versatile splitted Humbucker at the neck. Fat tone!

Squier Jaguar Vintage Modified

Woods: Basswood body - Maple Neck w/ Rosewood fingerboard
Hardware: Duncan Designed Single Coil

Not that much Shoegazey! Love this short-scale counterculture legend.

Telecaster "Paisley Mate"


Woods: Basswood body, Maple Neck w/ Rosewood Fretboard
Pickups: Wilkinson Alnico + Ceramic Neck pickups, Wilkison Ceramic bridge Pickup

Sarah's (master)piece, in which she made a wonderful paisley decoration on the top. Equipped with a killswitch and very singular neck pickup configuration!

Eko Cobra

(2009, Self Customized)

Woods: Basswood Body, Rosewood fretboard

Hardware: Fender American Standard Alnico Pickups (Neck, Middle), DiMarzio Fast Track 2 Bridge Pickup, Bigsby copy bridge.

I'm also a huge fan of Italian "fetish guitars", so here's a reissue with some modern mods. I fucking love Eko '60s guitars.  


(2014, Self Assembled)


Woods: Basswood Body, Mahogany Dr.Parts Neck with Rosewood Fretboard

Hardware: Ceramic Pickups, Self Designed Pickguard, PRS Tuners


A funny design experiment made by me for the pickguard. Sabbath Tone!

Les Paul

(2011, Self Assembled)


Woods: All Mahogany with Rosewood Fretboard

Hardware: Epiphone '57 Classic Pickups, Gold Hardware, Tailpiece


The fattest of all, both in weight and tone!

Epiphone Dot



Woods: Maple body, Mahogany Neck with Rosewood Fretboard

Hardware: Epiphone Alnico Classic Pickups, Grover Tuners


Bought for a killer price in a local warehouse, the only one with no mods. Elegant and perfect-balanced tone!

Epiphone Wildkat


Woods: Mahogany body with Maple Top, Mahognay Neck with Rosewood Fretboard
Hardware: Epiphone P90 "Dog Ear" pickups, Grover Tuners, Bigsby Archtop Bridge


One of the most original Epiphone designs, recently customized with a pair of "Gretschy" Filtertrons instead of the original Ear Dog P90s.

Vintage VSA850


Woods: All Maple, Rosewood Fretboard
Hardware: Wilkinson Tuners, Wilkinson "Filtertron" Pickups, Bigsby

Such for gentlemen! One of the most interesting brands of the last years.
Super Jazzy Tone! ♥





Woods: All Maple with Rosewood Fingerboad

Hardware: Toaster Pickups, Chrome Cover


Bought some years after my official "career" as bass player: isn't that a hoax? 


(2010, Self Assembled)


Woods: Alder Body, Maple/Rosewood Neck

Hardware: Tonerider Precision Plus Pickup, Chrome Covers


My first assembling experiment. Remember what i've said for the Strat? Well, that's the same for a Precision.


(2011, Self Assembled)


Woods: Maple body, Maple/Rosewood Neck

Hardware: Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Neck Pickup, Fender American Standard Bridge Pickup, Chrome Covers


Precision's Twin, aren't they lovely togehter?

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