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Almost one year has passed since the last news. I was the only one left in this project: Andy.

I've been very stubborn during these months, so here I am: in the next days I'll present the new line up, a result of many months of total reboot of the band.


The same purposes: the return of live gigs and the final making of a new album.

And...The great return of the keyboards! 


See you very soon!  ;)


Six years have passed since that March of 2010, a time frame that featured a generous slice of my 20s made of satisfactions, memorable adventures and, of course, a lot of passion.

Nevertheless, from now on, the Cales will be something radically different. Something that, in truth, i could actually have never imagine: Gabriel and Sarah will no longer be in the line up, implying me (Andy) as the only remaining member of that project born in Poirino, six years ago. Gabriel and Sarah will dedicate their lives to different professional and personal paths, and despite the sad consequences i respect their decision.

Anyhow, Gabriel and Sarah will be featured in the future album, almost fully recorded. I hope that the album will not be their musical testament, wishing them to someway keep the musical passion alive.

In this sore chapter, and with a lot of stubbornness, i make a promise with myself: i don't know how much time it will takes, but i strongly want this project to come back to life. Maybe matter of weeks, months...I will do my best.

See you soon, i wish.



We're fixing some ideas, but meanwhile...Do you like Sludge Metal?

Last week,  Andy has released a debut EP with his side-project Kraanston, in free download @ Bandcamp. Take a look!


From today, you can find a Kraanston dedicated section in this website, with some news, music and upcoming gigs from Andy's Metal alter-ego. \m/


What about our summer?

Well, about 80% of the album is recorded! These nine tracks lead us in more complex and progressive sounds, with a special attention for keyboards and vocal harmonies.

Mixing sessions will starts soon, hoping to bring some little live anticipations during the fall gigs. 


The studio activity ennobles us, but the gigs keep the attitude alive; for this reason we are glad to take a break from the studio recordings, live w/ Sendelica (cool Psych/Kraut sound) @ Cafè Liber, Turin.

What about a little live spoiler from the future album? Perhaps, perhaps... Meanwhile, save the date!


What's up, Cales?

Compositions and main guitars are almost done, and the production continues across drums, basses and...The magic touch of Enrico Basso at Organ, Mellotron and Piano, who helped us in various songs of the latest "Throw Your Watch To The Water" and is confirmed again for our third album. We would like to thank him heartily for the great contribution that gives to our studio sound.

We take the opportunity to wish the best recordings to Sarah, at her first studio experience, who also writes most of the songs lyrics. More updates asap!



So, here we are! Thanks to all for yesterday night @ Maglio, despite our short live act because of Gabriel's absence (due to some unexpected problems). Thanks again to the great Smoke The Bees drummer Samir Hadade, who saved our gig and played the drums in a little playlist in opening to our friends Smoke The Bees.

It's time for us to return to the studio sessions: the compositions for a third album are ready, and it's time to begin with recordings. It will take much time, as required by our self-production, but we really want to do the best we can.

This will be our last Turin's gig for some months, but some other dates in northern italy may be announced soon. Any proposals? Contact us!


Matter of time? Well, maybe! Sarah joined the dark side of customizations and "lutisms", and this is the first fabolous guitar she made, with a wonderful flower-themed top and some curious electronic solutions, like double neck pickup and a killswitch. We wish her a lot of stages!

By the way: our live acts restart in town from October with our friends Smoke The Bees @ Il Maglio. More dates TBA!

Also, thanks again to more reviews and good words received during summer holidays about our last album. You can find the last links and reviews in the press section, as always.


See ya this autumn! It's time to spend our time in new compositions and new guitar & basses customizations :3

Thanks to all those who enjoyed these last gigs, and thanks to SpaceRockMountain for the last review you can find in the press section. We will return from September, with new live acts and new songs!


Three Italian zines give some good words about our last album: thanks a lot to DistorsioniTempi-Dispari and Off Topic Magazine for the delicious reviews! You can find them in the press section, as always.

For all of those guitarholics, do you remember our known "problems" with the Gear Acquisition Syndrome? Well, you can find some updates in our gear gallery :3


Well, it's time to stretch our legs! We are glad to return with three live gigs in the next two months across Genova Milan and our town, Turin. All shown in the left column!

Do you have some live proposals for your club or event? Contact us!


Also, we are glad to share some other good words and reviews in our Press section :3


Thanks again to our friends Danadio & Roberta from "A Busta Chiusa", their radio format @ "Susa Onda Radio" FM (North Piedmont).

We are also glad to appear, this evening from 20:00, with a monography about our music in the format "Un' ora D'Autore", @ Web Radio 63.

Plus, another good review made by Tuttorock, available in our Press section. Thanks to Maurizio Donini!


Over 450 Download of our last LP from the Free-Download platforms: a huge thank you for this appreciating goal! We remember again the Mediafire Link for direct download, here.

Some other feedbacks and reviews are arrived these weeks, and we would like to thank Kim Harten of Bliss Aquamarine for the latest review, plus more italian feedback which you can find in our Press section.

We will also be interviewed by "A Busta Chiusa" @ Susa Onda Radio FM (North West of Italy), next 16th April; link for streaming next week.


A satisfying week has passed from the release of our second LP, and we would like to thank all the webzines, radios and people that have given some feedback about it.

It's time to send the first CD copies in some parts of the world, and it's a must for us starting from the most special ones: first two copies go to the wife of our missed #1 fan Tim Anthony and his friend Bob, two of the most delicious people we have met in these years with our music.

As you know, the CD version of "Throw Your Watch To The Water" is now available: only 5€ plus shipping! You can get your copy by paypal in the Album Sub-Section.


That day has come!

"Throw Your Watch To The Water" is now available on Bandcamp, Itunes, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Mp3.

Plus, here's a Mediafire link in which you can download the album easily, Mp3 320kbps format:

We would like to thank all the zines that promote our album in these preview days, like Traks, Suoni Dispari and Suoni Distorti Magazine. Next Monday we will have a chat with "Radio Tweet Italia", starting h. 22 (GMT +1, IT,

Download and listen it like there's no tomorrow. 


One week left, and a special preview!

Our new album will be out in an exclusive streaming-preview from monday 23rd @ Traks Webzine until the end of the week, with a dedicated interview in the next days. Some other articles and interviews, web and fm, in the next weeks!


Finally, the release date: "Throw Your Watch To The Water" will be out Friday 27th February.

Itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Deezer, Wimp, Mediafire...Our second LP will be wherewer possible.


All free as always, all DIY, plus a hundred of CD copies in digipack for collectors and fetishists.

Stay tuned! 


We are back in town with a last pre-release gig: next live will be @ Caffè Del Progresso (Turin) with the power trio The Bed Seeds, Saturday 1st February. Don't miss the last Light Worms-based gig, with some anticipations from the next Album! Free entry, and a special memory to our missed friend Tim.

Join The Bed Seeds page on Facebook:


Sadly, we open this year with a terrible news: a farewell to a person that we wanted by our side for all our musical and personal way.
Our last greeting goes to Tim Anthony, missed yesterday due to a liver cancer that has caught us totally off guard. Tim fought with the disease since last summer; throughout this time Tim has preferred to pursue the disease with his strong sense of vitality and humanity.

We tribute him already a year ago with our song "That Sweet Smelling Shop", when ever we could imagine a similar fate. It's been a sincere dedication to a person of rare caliber, and his experience with a wonderful sweet and candies shop that carried on for some years.

He has always been our number one fan, beyond any rhetoric: he was a great connoisseur of music with many years of experience in a record shop, and was excited of our sound. Often he put our record in his former candy shop, and it's been a true "ambassador" of our music between friends and acquaintances of his city, Little Rock (Arkansas).

We always dreamed to meet him one day, in a hypothetical gig in those parts. We will never forget him, and we continue keep his memory in our music-

Thanks for everything Tim, we will never forget you. Our spirit remains in our music.


Our wishes for the new year are all for him: we wish the best 2015 to the next "Throw Your Watch To The Water", which comes out for the first time with its artwork.

Artwork by Doc Lew, aka Lucrezia Battelli! 


Basically we are a little sociopaths, and not particularly accustomed to that "social" and mundane philosophy widespreaded in the musical scene our town. Nothing personal about it, of course.

For this reason, we collected satisfactions expecially from the "1.0 based" web users, made of blogspots, Mediafire and feticists of the sound to which, somehow, our music aspires. 

This had led us to the actual 100 listeners on, with over 1740 scrobblings. That's a beautiful awareness through which complete the production of the second Album.

Thanks to all of those outsider listeners, there will be something new for you next year!


There was one last question to be answered: how about the keyboard soul of the next album? Enrico Basso, our dear friend and ex-Ordinary People keyboardist, has made the difference: we would like to thank him again for the huge contribution in the album production, a heartfelt thanks to his unique touch that you will hear in a few months!

Some new gigs meanwhile, starting from Padiglione 14 (Collegno, TO) Saturday 29th November. Don't miss the new kickass power-trio formula! 


We're back in Town with the new power trio line up! Don't miss it the Garage Night, tomorrow evening @ Padiglione 14 (Collegno, TO) with our friends Calamari Giganti and Parisìlton as opening act. 


Ticket 5€ with "Arci" subscription, starting from 22 (be punctual!).


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