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"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do." (A. Warhol)

First Line Up, Summer '10

We find that each photo, promotional or live, has created in those years a visual diary in which record our artistic course.


For this reason we decided to use the Gallery section as an expansion of our biography, divided in some phases of our line up or musical turnings.


The Reboot (> '17)

The totally renewed line-up starting from the 2017, after a year of silence. Also the great return of keyboard tones and four-members based line up.

Power Trio ('14-'16)

The Power Trio live line up, with Andy Cale as frontman and Gabriel Cale at the drums. "Throw Your Watch To The Water" era.

Complete Line Up ('11-'13)

The historical complete line up, with Albert Cale at the Keyboards, Gabriel Cale as frontman, Andy Cale at the bass and the oriental influences of Sitar. "Light Worms" era.

Early Days ('10 - '11)

The early days with double-guitar formula and Chris Cale as second guitar. Garage sound and sitar inserts.

Live Shoots

Photos from Gigs, Interviews and Videos making of.

Funny & Miscellaneous

Random stuff!

Whiskey & Spirits Gallery

For each new release, Andy adds a new bottle to his collection :)



Photo Credits: Laura Bellacicco, Manuel Vuono, Frank "22" Leonardi, Chiara De Marchis, Alessandro Carosso.

Making of "Young Old Fashioned Girl" videoclip, December 2012.


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