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Throw Your Watch To The Water Videoclip, June 2018

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey from Kentucky, one of Andy's favourite Bourbons. And one of the sweetest tasting Bourbon tried!

It combines well with the summer spirit of Throw Your Watch To The Water.

Bulleit make also a Rye Whiskey version, with a more dry taste.

Palladium Videoclip, February 2018

A thirty year old, still sealed Ballantine's Scotch, given by an Andy's old friend and opened after the Palladium Videoclip publication.

The three decades seem to have conferred more alcoholic graduation to this whiskey! A great classic, and one of the best cheap and "casual" choices for a Scotch.

See Tomorrow's Shores Videoclip, October 2017

First bottle, in occasion of See Tomorrow's Shores Videoclip: a Northern Irish Bushmills!

Irish whiskey take usually three distillations, instead of two as expected for Scotch, and without smoke immission during the malting process.

This give it a more balanced and gentle taste, good for a newbie like me. Good value for the price.


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