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Ultime novità:


Beh, direi che dopo più di due anni il ritorno sul palco è stato liberatorio!
E in un periodo tutt'altro che scontato, in cui più o meno tutti conosciamo qualcuno bloccato a casa, motivo per cui ringraziamo di cuore tutti coloro che sono venuti ieri sera.
Per tutti gli altri, noi e gli Psychokiller abbiamo raccolto un bel po' di riprese da ieri; usciranno due video nei rispettivi canali tra un paio di settimane. Alla grande, a presto!


Ve lo confermiamo: il concerto si terrà, appuntamento quindi al 14 Gennaio in quel di Ziggy Club, Torino!

Ricordiamo ovviamente la necessità del Super Green Pass, come previsto dall'ultimo decreto. Il live con gli amici Psychokiller si terrà in piena ottemperanza delle regole in vigore e saranno previsti i posti a sedere. Ingresso con tessera ARCI.

Nessuna restrizione sulla presa bene: non vediamo l'ora di sgranchirci un po' le gambe su un palco dopo più di due anni dall'ultima volta! 

Tutte le info su orari e ingresso sull'Evento Facebook



Ebbene si: come emerso dall'ultimo video, è con grande soddisfazione che annunciamo il ritorno di Gabriel Cale all'interno della band, dopo cinque anni!

Torniamo quindi a essere in quattro, a due chitarre. Una formazione che inaugureremo al primo live dopo più di due anni allo Ziggy di Torino, il 14 Gennaio. A ben rivederci quindi!


I Cales tornano sul canale con la rubrica delle scale! E spezziamo la progressione delle modali, con una scala di quelle facilone ma con tante storie da raccontare.
A proposito di storie: arrivate fino alla fine che c'è un bel po' di novità!



Ebbene, dopo un bel po' di mesi un nuovo restauro!

Nel guardarlo capirete come mai si è fatto attendere parecchio: storia di una chitarra acustica disastratissima, ma con un paio di soluzioni curiose che mi hanno spinto a rimetterla in sesto. Che smazzata però!



Aria di rinnovo per questo sito web: sempre Selfish Cales ma anche Andy Cale, attraverso il canale Youtube che negli ultimi anni ha permesso di portare a nuove persone non solo la nostra musica, ma anche molte storie. Due domini portano a questo stesso sito: e

D'ora in avanti, le news saranno scritte in Italiano: parecchio è cambiato nell'ultimo paio d'anni, e l'attività Youtube del canale di Andy  ha conferito alla band stessa una piega più dichiaratamente nostrana, con produzione video (e relativa narrazione) tutta in lingua italiana.

Rimarranno in inglese i testi della nostra musica, of course, per tradizione consolidata in ormai undici anni!

Fatta questa premessa, abbiamo finito le riprese del terzo video delle scale che dovrebbe vedere la luce a Dicembre.


Non sarà un video come gli altri: c'è una grossa novità in arrivo!


Hey! The "Scale Saga" (Andy's Youtube channel) continues, and a new video is scheduled for October!

Meanwhile: we are searching for a second guitarist! Click here for more informations.


ITA: Stiamo cercando un secondo chitarrista per ampliare la formazione! Clicca qui per maggiori informazioni.


Here we are, breaking eight months of silence!

We have waited so long not only due to the well known pandemic disaster, but also because we have planned a new chapter of the band, behind which there was a plan requiring eight months and that we will show you in a few days.


We are glad to move our studio activity on Youtube, in a format that will give much more space to storytelling. 

We will restart from Andy's Youtube channel, a place that probably the most recent viewers of this website know and that in recent months has faced a happy growth. By the way: thanks!


In about a week - give or take a day - we will start with the first video, in which we will tell you a little about what has happened in recent months. The video will be in Italian, plus a music-only version of the future chapters on our Youtube channel (The Selfish Cales).


See you soon!


It's been a long summer holiday for us! We finally return in rehersal room after two months.
Many new songs have been composed in the latest year, giving more time to the studio activity than in the past due, sadly, to the Covid restrictions. it will still be a long time before the next concert, but sure we will be ready with a lot of new stuff.
Meanwhile, Andy continues with his videos in his Youtube channel (Italian) ;)


The bad news is that playing with masks is a suffering

The good news is that we went back to the rehearsal room after three fucking months!



New Video!

In these unhappy days of isolation, Andy and the good old Gabriel Cale met on Youtube to perform the opening track of Gabriel's first EP. All recorded and performed at home, of course!

A song that remembers the first years of our band, and which Andy affectionately approached the guitar, bass and backing vocals.

Watch Here


Like everyone in our country, we have been impacted by Coronavirus restrictions, that will keep us away from our beloved rehearsal room for some weeks. 

Andy, meanwhile, will wait the end of this sad period with some videos on Youtube, scheduled for these weeks.

We hope to embrace you again as soon as possible! ??❤️


Time for a restyling! Do you like our new shirts!

The complete photo set in our gallery section!


Here we are: we conclude this year with 8 new tracks, a result of two years of new line-up. One of the best alchemy in the band's history!


2020 has all the requirements for a new album, to which we will dedicate a large part of the year to come.


In the meantime, see you in the Andy Cale Youtube channel, which in the last period has received a good amount of feedback and subscriptions that encourage us to continue on this path. No longer a spin-off, but a journey with the Cales themselves: a video every two weeks, with guitars and musical instruments (language: Italian).


Best wishes to you all; best wishes to all your projects and all that manifest your individuality.



And how did the Doors, without bass player?

A curious, fascinating story: the Piano Bass, a low octave keyboard, and its sporadic appearances in the Rock history.

And also about that time he saved us a gig!



Our journey through musical instruments continues; today is the mandolin's turn, with two splendid pieces (one Gibson and one Dobro) from the collection of our keyboardist Alberto!

Join Andy Cale - Youtube Channel to find all the other episodes around guitars, amplifiers and musical instruments from the world!

(Language: Italian)


What a blast!

We'll Spend this Sunday with a lot of backline to tidy up, but we look back at these last two days with great satisfaction: two beautifully organized events and lots of  new people.

Thanks to all, it's been really gratifying. We hope to come back to the live stage until the end of the year!

(Pic by Ste Brovetto from Reset Festival)


Cales, live!

It didn't happened for a while - not a great period for the underground music scene - and also for this reason we are excited to announce a live combo scheduled for October, in our town: 

4 October @ Reset Festival, Torino
5 October @ Psych Out Festival, Torino


Save the dates!


That time has come: holidays are finally arrived, we wish you a great summer!

See you in September with new stories, and a live act scheduled in autumn!

As for the last two years, Andy will do a vlog of his vacation (IT); follow him on Instagram follow to get some spoilers on this year's location! 


From today, Andy will not longer be part of his side Project "Kraanston". As bassist and lead voice, Andy joined the Sludge-Metal project in 2016, releasing the first album "Northern Influence" in March 2019.

This is caused by a very troubled studio and promotional activity during the last year, which compromised every future plan.

Fabio (guitar, voice) is the only member left; for this reason the project will be idle for undetermined time. My esteem for Fabio will remain unchanged, wishing that he can continue his musical activity in the next years.

The album "Northern Influence" is now available in free download @ Bandcamp.

Andy's musical path surely continues in The Selfish Cales, and in his Youtube Channel (IT) about musical instruments, travel blog (sometimes) and weird food reviews.

I take the opportunity to wish you good holidays!



Best wishes to our Andy Cale, 30 years old today!

Here in a photo dating back to its bass days ?

(Making Of "Psychedelic Eyes" Videoclip, Summer '11 ?)

Follow him on his Youtube Channel!


Happy birthday to our Keyboardist, Alberto!

Starting today, in addition, his debut on Youtube: Alberto will be a guest of Andy in various episodes of the "Musical Instruments" Youtube series, with stories, insights and road tests of ethnic or unconventional instruments. 

The protagonist of this first episode is the Hang Drum!

Watch Here (Italian)


Our second "Live In studio" Videoclip is out now: Smokey Shades, taken from our latest album "Haapsalu"! Performed in our Rehearsal Room. 

Watch here!


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