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That time has come: holidays are finally arrived, we wish you a great summer!

See you in September with new stories, and a live act scheduled in autumn!

As for the last two years, Andy will do a vlog of his vacation (IT); follow him on Instagram follow to get some spoilers on this year's location! 


From today, Andy will not longer be part of his side Project "Kraanston". As bassist and lead voice, Andy joined the Sludge-Metal project in 2016, releasing the first album "Northern Influence" in March 2019.

This is caused by a very troubled studio and promotional activity during the last year, which compromised every future plan.

Fabio (guitar, voice) is the only member left; for this reason the project will be idle for undetermined time. My esteem for Fabio will remain unchanged, wishing that he can continue his musical activity in the next years.

The album "Northern Influence" is now available in free download @ Bandcamp.

Andy's musical path surely continues in The Selfish Cales, and in his Youtube Channel (IT) about musical instruments, travel blog (sometimes) and weird food reviews.

I take the opportunity to wish you good holidays!



Best wishes to our Andy Cale, 30 years old today!

Here in a photo dating back to its bass days ?

(Making Of "Psychedelic Eyes" Videoclip, Summer '11 ?)

Follow him on his Youtube Channel!


Happy birthday to our Keyboardist, Alberto!

Starting today, in addition, his debut on Youtube: Alberto will be a guest of Andy in various episodes of the "Musical Instruments" Youtube series, with stories, insights and road tests of ethnic or unconventional instruments. 

The protagonist of this first episode is the Hang Drum!

Watch Here (Italian)


Our second "Live In studio" Videoclip is out now: Smokey Shades, taken from our latest album "Haapsalu"! Performed in our Rehearsal Room. 

Watch here!


Back to #liveinstudio! Matter of weeks, and we'll return on Youtube with another session from our rehearsal room.

Meanwhile, another great review from Rockit. Many thanks to Mattia Nesto!


"Haapsalu presents the desire to continue the cycle of musical experimentation that has characterized the evolution of The Selfish Cales during their career: a powerful work, well studied and well done. Nothing is left to random and the details that stand out during listening confirm the remarkable result of this latest work."

We are proud to share some other great feedbacks from our last album, Haapsalu! You can find the latest review in the press section.


Andy's alter-ego is back: Kraanston!

Andy's side-project has released the new, first album "Northern Influence", recommended to all Metalheads: a hybrid that combines the sludge/thrash of High On Fire with the prog/death of Cynic, with slowdowns reminiscent of the masters of doom Cathedral.

Listen on Bandcamp!


Happy birthday, "Throw Your Watch To The Water"!

In occasion of the fourth anniversary of our second album, here's a gift for you: available in free download @ Bandcamp until 15 March!

Just insert 0€ as price in "buy album" section ;)


Back to the stage! New gig scheduled @ Circolo ARCI Camalli, Imperia, February 16th! 


Facebook event here!


The "Fairytales, Nowadays" lyric video was made by Andy, with a composition of waxworks progressively added in the frame.

During the making of there was a curious out-of-program, in which Andy was able to show off his bad votes in Physics in his high school days. Final crackling theme! ?

You can find it in our Video section!


We conclude this year happily, thankful to all who spent some words, feedback and interest to our latest album, Haapsalu. By the way: take a look to the new Andy's interview made by Metal Heads Forever Magazine!

We salute this year with a new song taken from Haapsalu: Fairytales, Nowadays.

Watch the lyric video dedicated to the most intimate song of our latest album, giving you the best wishes for a radiant and successful new year!


We are very excited to share this story: Andy has recently been interviewed by Ohtuleht - one of the main newspapers in Estonia - about the inspiration that led him to compose "Haapsalu", and the baltic influences in our latest album.

A wonderful occasion, in which share with the Estonian readers the influence of that holiday day at Haapsalu in the composition of our last album, three years ago. 

Many thanks to Terttu Jazepov!

You can also find the full article (Estonian) in our press section.

Pic related: Andy on the roof of Viru Hotel, Tallinn, August 2015.


A Radio appointment tonight! Andy Cale will talk about the latest album in a interview for Radio Capodistria (SLO), "Sonoricamente 2.0"! The interview will be entirely in Italian.

You can listen it in FM frequencies (Friuli, Veneto, Istria, Slovenia), TV Sat or through this link.

First broadcast at 22:30 PM, Wednesday 5 Dicember. You can find the replies Friday and Saturday at the same hour, or Sunday ad 23:30 PM.


First reviews coming from Italy! Thanks to Traks, Rockshock and Musicmap for the good feedbacks about Haapsalu.

You can find the new Haapsalu's press section with reviews, interviews and web stuff here.


The CD version of Haapsalu is now available! You can find it in our Shop.

Plus, we finally come back on stage with two gigs!

- 16 November @ Pop, Turin
- 12 January @ Circolo Arci Camalli, Imperia




+++  NEW ALBUM !  +++

That day has come: we are excited to present our third album Haapsalu, now available in digital streaming and download @ Spotify, Bandcamp, Itunes, Amazon and Youtube Music. A CD version is scheduled for the next month!


In the background, Haapsalu: a village of eleven thousand souls in the West of Estonia, protagonist of a trip made two years ago that influenced the whole album production. It's been a wandering course with many changes, in which we have done all our best in composition and studio activity.


Have a good listening!


Chapter 2! We are very proud to present the title-track of our upcoming album, Haapsalu! An intense journey in front of the baltic sea, in western Estonia.

You can find it on Youtube, anticipating the album release scheduled for Friday 19th October.

>>> Listen here! <<<


Wow: Chestnut Maze, first song taken from the upcoming album Haapsalu, out now on Volcano Records Youtube Channel!


This song anticipates the new sound of the project. Andy, the only member left from The Selfish Cales original line up, will present with the new album - Haapsalu - an intense turn of sound in territories straddling Psychedelic and Progressive Rock: lush keyboards, vocal harmonisations, protagonist bass and jangle guitars.


 >>> Listen here! <<<




We are excited to finally unveil the new release scheduled for this fall, by Volcano Records and Promotion: Haapsalu, our third album!

This album will be the result of our last three years of activity, years in which the project has faced deep changes.

In the background, Haapsalu: a city of eleven thousand inhabitants overlooking the Baltic Sea, in Estonia. 

The album will be released in Digital on October 19th for all known streaming and download platforms, plus a CD version in the winter.

Can't wait!


We are goin' on holiday! We would like to thank you for the first feedbacks around the new videoclip, and the release announcement scheduled for this autumn. Our last videoclip is also reported on Jam Session 2.0 Webzine.

We will return in Settember. Happy holiday!



We are very satisfied to announce our new partnership with Volcano Records, and a new Album scheduled for this autumn!

Many updates and rumors in the late summer! ;)


Exploding Watermelon, Sushi Soft-Air, Satanic Crosswords, Sizzling Kids Bicycle...What!?

Throw Your Watch To The Water, the Videoclip, Out NOW!

Watch Here!


Things are getting interesting: some new, hotter stuff scheduled for July!

- 21: Live Show (Private Party)

- 22: New Videoclip
- 25: Release Announcement!

Stay updated via our Facebook page!



Wow, a late "Throw Your Watch To The Water" review made by "For The Love Of Bands" Magazine! Many thanks to Ps Perkins!

Meanwhile: the Sitar returns alive, plus new stuff scheduled for July!

Read Here The Review by For The Love Of Bands


Glad to see our song "Sulphureous Haze" in a Spotify playlist made by L.A. based "Heat On The Street" website! Many thanks to Todd McCarty ;) Listen here

Meanwhile our studio activity continues, and we are going to release a last extract from the album "Throw Your Watch To The Water" during this summer. 


Wow, what a surprise!

Our ex-band mate Gabriel Cale has just released a debut-EP, available in free download @ Bandcamp! Great '60s sound, faithful to our early days. Killer opening track!

Listen here!


We discovered it a day later, but there's the podcast online: "Sulphureous Haze" is been featured in Steve Kirkland radio broadcast on CKCU FM (Ottawa)!

Podcast Here


It happened again: Andy found a new 40 years old friend in a local flea market, for only 30 bucks! :P

The second season of hir Youtube series "Guitar & Bass Collection" will return next week!


Welcome to the collection, gorgeous Firebird! It's been a long and painstaking restoration, but now is a killer tone axe \m/

Do you liked the Andy Cale's Guitar Collection on Youtube? Well, a new season is coming next month, with another guitars and basses from the collection. Stay tuned!


Glad about the first 1000 views reached by Palladium Videoclip in these first ten days! We hope you've appreciate it :)

By the way, Andy started a new recurrence: for every new release, he opens a new bottle of Whiskey or some other spirits. Starting from the previous videoclip, he inaugurates a new gallery section that will lists the bottles.

We wish him so many other bottles, but respecting his liver! :P


Here's the video: a taste of Psychedelic Rock, charmed by a little village near the border between Italy and France, Torre Pellice.

The new line-up is back: Palladium, out now!

Watch Here 


The video editing is almost ready! A new videoclip is scheduled for the next week :) 

Meanwhile, you can find us live @ Sonoria, next thursday, in a special and "one shot" line-up!



Happy birthday to our Drummer Luca Zanon! Seems that he's ∞ years old!

In the same day we started the video shooting for the next Youtube Music video. Matter of some weeks ;)


Another studio session is started! Meanwhile, live acts will return at the beginning of 2018.

We are (re)producing another song from our historical repertoire, with whom present the guys of the new line up in another way. Drum recording started! 


Back in town! Next gig: Thursday, 23 November, with Smoke The Bees @ Il Maglio (Torino).

Be There!


Welcome back, Youtube!

We are glad to present you the new, rebooted line up in action: take a look to the new version of "See Tomorrow's Shores" (Throw Your Watch To The Water LP, 2015), out now!

Produced by Floryd Sound Studios ;)

Watch Here


Goodbye, "Sala 24"! That little, subterranean rehearsal room in our city has been the place which the reboot of the Cales took part. We will move in a more equipped place in these days, but we will not forget you and these last months :(

For this reason, we have done various "live in studio" shoots before moving, and you will see it in a upcoming videoclip.  See you on Youtube, next week!


Do you remember Gabriel Cale? What about him?

Gabriel, ex-former frontman, started a new studio solo project after the departure from the band. We support his new musical path and we wish him the best.

He likes to do covers on Youtube, but also some new songs in a very "Old Cales" style: you can find him in a dedicated Spin-Off section in this site! 


The reboot has started! Thanks to all those who came at our reboot Gig @ CPG, last Friday. We hope that this will be the first of a lot of gigs and live seasons.

We have put some cameras in the stage: a live video with the new line up will be published in the next weeks! ;)


Woho! This will be the first live act of the new line up: 22 September in our town, at CPG, with the historical friends Smoke The Bees + Bleeding Jasmine.

Fellow citizens, don't miss it!


We are very glad to present you the new, totally rebooted line up of The Selfish Cales!

Andy Cale - Main Vocals, Guitar
Giuseppe "Peppe" Floridia - Bass, Backing Vocals

Alberto Rocca - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Luca Zanon - Drums

Take a look to the updated line up section to discover more about the new guys!


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