Andy Cale & The Selfish Cales
Andy Cale & The Selfish Cales 

Live backline (2012)

This are the instruments and amps used in the most of the gigs in 2012/2013 era. Take a look!


From left: Peerless Gigmaster Custom - Self Customed 330 Style - Fender Blues Deville 4 x 10 - Self Customed Sg "Psychedelic" - Indian Sitar.


From left: Self Customed Precision - Ashdown Mag 300 with Behringer Rack Tuner and Hartke VX 4 x 10 cabinet - Self Customed Jazz - Rake.


From top left: Clavia Nord Electro 3 - Moog Little Phatty - Clavia Nord C2


Ludwig SL Standard Red Cortex - Gretsch Catalina Maple

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