Andy Cale & The Selfish Cales
Andy Cale & The Selfish Cales 

Spin Offs & Side Projects

Here are some musical and video side projects made by Andy Cale or Cales past members. Take a look to related pages and discover new open-minded music and contents!

Kraanston (Andy Cale)

Kraanston was a Sludge Metal band in which Andy Cale played as frontman (bass/vocals) in the years 2016-2019. Actually disbanded, the discography (one EP and LP) is in free download on Bandcamp.

Andy Cale - Youtube Channel

Andy Cales also creates a Youtube Channel in which shows his passion for guitars, but also travel, miscellaneous stuff and...Junk food! (IT) 

Gabriel Cale

One year after his departure from the main project The Selfish Cales, Gabriel Cale started a solo and studio-based career. Take a listen to his songs, and re-discover the early influences of The Selfish Cales.

Floryd Sound Studios

Our bassist Peppe Floridia is also a producer and composer, specialized in Rock and Metal sounds. Follow his works and take a look to his studio!


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