Kraanston (Andy Cale)

I tell you a secret: Andy is also a true Heavy Metal fanatic! By this passion, Kraanston is his new Sludge Metal based side-project.

Kraanston were born in February 2016, founded by Fabio Insalaco and joined by Andy (Bass, Vocals) and Stefano Moda (Drums). Fabio and Stefano come from a historical name from the Turin Metal scene, Homicide Hagridden, bringing a heavy and detuned sound into the project. Andy's psychedelic influences complete their eclectic sounds, with influences from Electric Wizard, High on Fire, Cathedral and, of course, Black Sabbath.


- Dead Eyes EP (September 2016)
- Northern Influence (LP, March 2019)

As for The Selfish Cales, Kraanston are faithful to Do It Yourself philosophy.






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