Kraanston (Andy Cale)

I tell you a secret: Andy is also a true Heavy Metal fanatic! By this passion, Kraanston is his new Sludge Metal based side-project.

Kraanston were born in February 2016, founded by Fabio Insalaco and joined by Andy (Bass, Vocals) and Stefano Moda (Drums). Fabio and Stefano come from a historical name from the Turin Metal scene, Homicide Hagridden, bringing a heavy and detuned sound into the project. Andy's psychedelic influences complete their eclectic sounds, with influences from Electric Wizard, High on Fire, Cathedral and, of course, Black Sabbath.

The first release is their self-produced EP "Dead Eyes", in free streaming and download @ Bandcamp. As for The Selfish Cales, Kraanston are faithful to Do It Yourself philosophy.






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