Andy Cale & The Selfish Cales
Andy Cale & The Selfish Cales 

Line Up

Current Line Up:

Andy Cale

(Andrea Bonamigo - 12/06/1989)


Frontman - Guitar 

(2014 - Present)

Bass - Backing Vocals
(Former - 2013)


Former bassist and backing vocals, Andy started to play relatively late, at the age of 16. Since his early adolescence he has studied the history of music from late '50s to nowadays and has always been interested in eclectic influences. In 2007 he started collaborating with "The Steamrollers", a Progressive/AOR band. In 2010 he found with Gabriel the band "The Selfish Cales", and progressively takes part in songwriting, introducing new influences and changing his role from bass to guitar and vocals (2013). He loves to collect guitars and to assemblate and customize his instruments.


Favourite Guitarist: Steve Howe (Yes)


Past Bands:


The Steamrollers (2007-2010)

Kraanston (2016 - Present)

Peppe Floridia
(Giuseppe Floridia 18/07/1990)

Bass - Backing vocals
(2016 - Present)

Peppe begins his musical path at the age of 6, learning violin and keyboards. During teenage he falls in love with rock and metal music, and plays and collaborates with many different bands while discovering the world of music production. Today Peppe plays bass with "The Selfish Cales" and works as audio engineer.

Favourite Bassist: Geddy Lee (Rush)

Past bands:

Nosferatu's lair (2004-2008)

Lost Rhymes (2005-2009)

Metus (2008-2009)

Rainpath (2010-2013)

The Unforclosure (2015-2016)

Alberto Rocca

Keyboards - Backing Vocals
(2017 - Present)


Always passionate about musical instruments, with a particular preference for the vintage world, he starts playing the keyboard at 13. One year later comes the first group, a cover band formed with schoolmates.

After playing in several cover and tribute bands, paying homage to historical formations such as Doors, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple, decides to take part in new music and collaborate with several artists, discovering Blues, Songwriters and Pop.

Completely self - taught, he plays many other instruments including guitar, ukulele, mandolin, percussion and the hang drum, discovered in 2010 and highly appreciated for its sound. 

Favourite Keyboardist: Ray Manzarek (The Doors)

Past Bands: 

- Bromuro (2008 - 2009)
- Little John Guelfi (2010 - 2011)
- Luca Giordano (2012)
- Ukulele Turin Orchestra (2013 - 2015)

Luca Zanon


(2017 - Present)

Starts playing drums while 18, being intrested mostly in playing metal. As years go by, he becomes interested in more acoustic and dynamic musical genres, which awake love for humanity in music, that meanings love for every kind of music not played by sequencers.

Favourite Drummer: Joe Morello

Past bands:

Ensis Tenebrarum (2006-2008, black metal)
The Philadelphia Experiment (2009-2012, post-rock)
Indeflou (2013, theater-impro)
The Night Transmission (2013-2014, rock-punk)
Shake'n'Roll (2015, rock 'n' roll)
Riccardo D'Avino (2016, pop-songwriter)
The Fabulous Clochards (2015 - present, boogie-swing)
Orchestra mandolinistica "Città di Torino" (2017 - present, classical)
Icsi Trio (2017 - present, jazz)

Past Members:

Gabriel Cale
(Gabriele Calegari - 20/08/1989 - Project's Founder)

Frontman / Guitar / Sitar (Former - 2013)
Drums (2014 - 2016)

Sarah Cale

(Sara Gregori - 11/01/1993)


Bass (2014 - 2016)





Lorenzo Rando 




(2013 - 2014)

Albert Cale

(Alberto Muraglia)

Keyboards - Vocals

(2011 - 2013)

Murray Cale

(Mauro Ambrassa)



(2012 - 2013)

Chris Cale

(Christian Aleotti)


Rhythm Guitar

(Former - 2011)

Lawrence Cale

(Lorenzo Calegari)



(Former - 2012)

Prossimi concerti:

- Manhattan Pub, Torino, 19 Novembre 2022

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